Appellate Advocacy

Appellate Advocacy

Appealing a Conviction? Turn to a Top Appellate Law Firm in Maryland

Are you looking for an appellate law firm in Maryland with a track record of success? Having an experienced criminal appeals lawyer in court can go a long way towards overturning a verdict or judgment.

The procedures involved in appealing a conviction are unlike the trial that leads to that point. A successful appeals strategy often needs to be different from what would be used over the course of a criminal trial.

So how can having the right kind of representation help? That is a question we will explore on this page, so keep reading to learn more about what the right appellate law firm in Maryland can do for you and your future.

What is the Appeals Process Like?

It’s important to note that the window of time that you have to make an appeal is extremely limited, so you want to do so as soon as possible.

Beyond carrying out the right actions in a timely manner, it helps to know that appeals also differ in that your case will be argued in front of a panel of judges rather than a jury of your peers. These judges listen to oral arguments given by your attorney and do not hear witnesses, as would happen in a normal trial.

This means that the argument has to focus on looking for mistakes made by the lower court. A good appellate lawyer will realize this and defend your case accordingly.

Working with the right appellate law firm can give you another chance in clearing your name and achieving your freedom.

Trust Houlon Berman as Your Appellate Advocates

If you want the kind of legal representation that will make sure the proper procedure is followed, contact us online today for a consultation.

At Houlon Berman, we pride ourselves on using over 40 years of experience to help people like you increase their chances of legal cases being decided in their favor. Trust us when we say that we will do what it takes to make sure your appeal is handled with the utmost care.

Even if a previous judgment is handed down and you or a loved one faces years in prison, not everything is lost. We have decades of experience with appeals and post-conviction relief cases.

By getting in touch with the professional advocates at our firm and trusting us to act as your appellate law firm, you could see freedom again and go back to living your life as you wish.

Get in touch with us today, and let’s protect your future.

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