Federal Theft and Bribery Offenses Attorneys

Federal Theft and Bribery Offenses Attorneys

Federal prosecutors make no distinction between white collar theft and bribery offenses and violent crime.  In fact, Federal prosecutors are very interested in prosecuting white collar cases leaving violent crimes for State prosecutors.  That is because the United States Sentencing Guidelines urge harsh penalties for theft and bribery offenses which are based on the amount of losses and other aggravating enhancements

Are you facing a Federal criminal investigation, have you received a “target letter” from an Assistant United States Attorney or a Federal Grand Jury Subpoena, had a Federal Search Warrant executed at your work or home, or actually been arrested by Federal authorities?

At Houlon Berman, we have over 50 years of experience representing clients in criminal matters in Maryland and the District of Columbia. We take pride in the results we get for our clients.

Our Managing Partner, Richard A. Finci, has many years of experience defending Federal criminal cases and is well-known for defending clients before the United States District Court in Greenbelt, Baltimore and the District of Columbia.

Every criminal charge has elements which the Government must prove to the jury beyond a reasonable doubt.  The jury must reach a unanimous decision, and the jurors must presume that you are innocent unless proven guilty.

If you are charged with theft of Government property, the elements of the offense, each of which the Government must prove beyond a reasonable doubt,  are:

1)            the defendant knowingly[[embezzled][stole] [converted to defendant’s use] [converted to the use of another]] [money] [property of value] with the intention of depriving the owner of the use or benefit of the [money] [property];

2)            the [money] [property] belonged to the United States; and

3)            the value of the [money] [property] was more than $1,000

Bribery requires the proof of the following elements:

1)            the defendant [gave] [offered] [promised] something of value, [specify the thing of value], to [name of public official];

2)            the defendant acted corruptly, that is, with the intent to [influence an official act by the [name of public official]] [influence the [name of public official] to commit or allow a fraud on the United States] [induce the [name of public official] to do or to omit to do an act in violation of [his] [her] lawful duty][.] [; and]

3)            [name of public official] was a public official.]

At Houlon Berman, we focus on establishing your defense by attacking each element of the offense, by investigating and attacking the credibility of the witness and the evidence against you and by investigating and proving any affirmative defenses that may be available to you.

Of course, it is well known that many cases end in plea agreements. If your cases is one in which a plea agreement is desirable or otherwise offers you real options that cannot be ignored, at Houlon Berman, we will fight to obtain the best possible plea agreement for you, explain everything that goes into obtaining such an agreement, and make sure that you are fully comfortable with the decisions you will need to make.

Expertise in and understanding of the United States Sentencing Guidelines is critically important in the defense of any Federal Criminal theft and bribery offenses charge. Richard Finci has been a member of the Maryland Commission on Criminal Sentencing Policy appointed by the Governor of Maryland since 2004 (which focuses on State Law), has attended many seminars on the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and is an expert in the analysis and application of those Sentencing Guidelines as well as in the tactics and strategy to reduce the sentencing guidelines which you face in your case.

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