Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic Violence Cases

Top Lawyers for Domestic Violence in Maryland

Conflicts with a partner can leave you feeling hurt and confused. These situations make it difficult to know where to turn. However, if you have thought about filing, or have already received, a Petition for Protection from Domestic Abuse and/or a Peace Order, then you may need a domestic violence lawyer in Maryland or DC to guide you through the process.

For many, trying to leave a situation involving a long-time partner may seem impossible. The issues often seem overwhelming and an uncooperative partner can try to make it very difficult for you. However, it is important to protect yourself from immediate danger or distance yourself from a partner that may be willing to improperly file a domestic abuse order against you.

The experienced domestic violence lawyer team at Houlon Berman may be able to help you return the certainty and calm that you and your family deserve. Our proven record of success demonstrates an ability to protect our client’s needs and effectively advocate to get you the justice you deserve. We can help you navigate through these difficult situations, whether you’re filing the claim or defending against allegations.

We can connect you with a lawyer for domestic violence who can help you, whether you have been a victim or could be facing criminal charges.

If you are facing threats or suspect that you are in danger, call the police immediately!

How Does Legal Action Against a Partner Work?

If you have filed criminal charges or received a complaint, the prosecuting attorney representing the state of Maryland or the District of Columbia will handle that case. Those charges are separate from any protective orders you may have filed or received. When dealing with protective orders, you may want to seek a lawyer specializing in domestic violence claims to help ensure that your interests are adequately represented.

A temporary protective order lasts for seven days, during which time a final protective order hearing is scheduled, which forces the named party, called the respondent, to stay away from the filing individual and potential children for the duration of the order. This gives the lawyer representing the petitioner a week to prepare the case for the final protective order hearing.

If the final order is granted, the court can remove the named party from the family’s home, force him/her to stay away from the residence, daycare and workplace, decide custody and visitation with the children, order emergency family maintenance and order domestic violence counseling. The order can be entered for up to a year and may be renewed.

How Else Can a Domestic Violence Claim Affect You?


A protective order is often only the first step in a domestic abuse claim. Physical abuse allegations can become grounds for divorce in the state of Maryland and DC. Securing a skilled domestic violence lawyer team can help you initiate or defend against these proceedings and help you achieve peace of mind.


Many people find court intimidating under the best of circumstances, and facing your partner across the courtroom is an intensely frightening experience for many, whether they’re testifying in a criminal case, protective order hearing or divorce hearing; which is why it is so important to have a domestic violence lawyer you can trust in your corner.

In addition to providing emotional support and facing your partner and his/her own attorney, your domestic violence lawyer will help to ensure the court reaches the right decisions in the divorce action in regards to child custody, property division and spousal or child support.

Children and Property

The aftermath of abuse allegations affects children in a number of ways. Your domestic violence lawyer team will help you secure relief that is in the best interest of your children and make sure the judge reaches an informed and just decision. Your legal team at Houlon Berman is skilled at presenting the evidence a court needs to make decisions on child custody.

Can a Domestic Violence Lawyer Help in an Emergency?

Your attorney can be a valuable counselor for legal advice, a crucial advocate in the courtroom, and a useful resource for finding help – but remember, if you have been threatened or given reason to fear for your safety, call the police first.

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Above all, remember that taking action is important. Your reputation deserves to be protected and your children deserve a safe, stable environment.

For over 40 years, Houlon, Berman, Finci & Levenstein, LLC has been a premier domestic violence law firm in Maryland, including Rockville, Bethesda, Potomac and Washington, DC. We are committed to helping you gain that peace of mind and allowing you to enjoy a life without conflict. Give us a call today to speak with a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer for domestic violence.

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