Attempted Homicide

Attempted Homicide

Don’t Face Attempted Homicide Charges in Maryland Alone

Have you or someone you care about been accused of attempted murder? Are you worried that your future is in danger? Attempted homicide sentences are severe. At Houlon Berman, we will prepare your best possible defense against attempted murder charges.

Houlon Berman can defend you against the attempted homicide sentences you may be facing in Maryland, don’t hesitate to call us today.

How Does Maryland Define Attempted Murder?

Attempted murder is defined as a failed effort to murder someone. For an action to be considered attempted murder, the defendant must:

  1. Have the intention to commit a murder
  2. Take steps to complete it

Just as there are levels of murder charges, in Maryland there are two levels of attempted murder charges. An individual can be charged with either first or second degree attempted murder, depending on the severity of the offense. Attempted murder carries a penalty of up to a life sentence in prison.

First Degree Attempted Murder

In first degree murder, an individual plans and takes action toward killing someone. Therefore, first degree attempted murder is when a person has planned and taken action toward killing someone but was not successful.

First degree attempted murder is a felony and, under Maryland’s attempted murder criminal code, carries a penalty of up to a life sentence.

Second Degree Attempted Murder

In a Maryland second degree murder, a person tries to kill someone without any prior planning or premeditation. This is the major difference between first and second degree murder; the action is spontaneous.

Thus, second degree attempted murder is when an individual tries to kill another without any prior planning, but is unsuccessful.

Second degree attempted murder is also a felony offense. The penalty is up to 30 years in prison.

Attempted Murder Defenses

There are several defenses that can be used to fight attempted murder charges in Maryland, such as self-defense and the defense of others. Two of the viable defenses specifically for attempted murder charges are the lack of intent to kill the victim and not taking steps to commit the murder.

No Intent to Kill

Since attempted murder charges require that an individual has the intention to commit murder, a defense against the charge would be proving that there was never any intention to murder the victim.

Incomplete Attempt

With this defense, the goal is to prove that the defendant did not complete the steps required to try to murder the victim.

Your defense will be based on the facts of your case to ensure the best strategy is used.

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At Houlon Berman we will prepare the best possible defense to fight your attempted murder charge and avoid an attempted homicide sentence. We will thoroughly review the facts and work with you throughout the process for the best results.

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