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If you are a licensed Maryland attorney who has received a complaint letter from the Maryland Bar Counsel, it is imperative that you contact an attorney grievance defense lawyer right away. Your response to this letter will impact whether Bar Counsel decides to docket this complaint, or end their investigation before additional proceedings are required. Improper action, or lack of action, on attorney disciplinary matters can result in disbarment by the Maryland Court of Appeals. Richard Finci, Houlon Berman’s top attorney grievance defense lawyer, can help guide you through the grievance process, doing everything he can to protect your professional reputation and future career.

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Why Shouldn’t An Attorney Represent Himself?

When an attorney receives a bar counsel complaint letter, that attorney can choose to represent himself or contact another attorney for assistance. On many occasions, attorneys who receive these complaints choose to respond themselves. Since these letters are often attacks on an attorney’s character and legal practice, it is common for emotions to impact how a response to the complaint is formulated, no matter an attorney’s wealth of knowledge and experience. Impaired judgment after receiving a bar counsel complaint letter can lead to the following common mistakes:

Common Mistakes Made After Receiving an Attorney Grievance Complaint

  • Ignoring the letter and not submitting a response.
  • Submitting a response to the letter after the deadline has already passed.
  • Not spending enough time addressing the initial complaint letter (this should be thoroughly researched and supported).
  • Misleading or lying in the response.
  • Failing to address escrow and financial issues fully.

By hiring an experienced attorney grievance defense lawyer, you increase your chances of getting the complaint dismissed before further legal action is necessary. Richard Finci is committed to your success, and ensures all responses are thoroughly researched prior to submission.

Possible Outcomes Of An Attorney Grievance Complaint

If the attorney grievance complaint makes it all the way to the Maryland Court of Appeals, there are many sanctions that can be imposed on the attorney. Although it is still possible for the case to get dismissed, there are several other potential outcomes, including the following:

  • Dismissal of the Complaint without formal charges or even after formal charges are filed.
  • Conditional Diversion Agreement (CDA): An agreement between Bar Counsel and the attorney that address the reasons misconduct occurred. Through a CDA, attorneys are required to partake in activities that will help educate them about the Maryland Lawyers’ Rules of Professional Conduct.
  • Public or private reprimand.
  • Suspension.
  • Disbarment: the highest disciplinary sanction. Certain violations will always result in disbarment, including the conviction of a crime or stealing from an escrow account.

Any of the above sanctions can severely impact an attorney’s reputation and career, including losing clients or even losing the ability to practice law. By contacting an attorney right way, you can help prevent these outcomes and get the assistance you need.

Hire Richard Finci Today

Richard Finci has years of experience successfully representing Maryland attorneys before Bar Counsel, at Peer Review hearings, and in the Maryland Court of Appeals. Additionally, Richard is a peer review attorney, meaning his experience includes both the defense and prosecution of attorneys in grievance matters. This gives him a comprehensive understanding of the nuances surrounding attorney grievance complaint procedures.

With his help, you will know exactly what to expect throughout the Maryland attorney grievance process, and even more importantly, how to achieve the best possible outcome. The earlier you get an attorney grievance defense lawyer involved, the more likely you’ll be able to get the complaint dismissed. Whether you still need to respond to the complaint letter, or Bar Counsel has decided to continue their investigation following your initial response, Richard Finci is here to help fight for you.

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