Bethesda Drug and Narcotics Lawyer

Bethesda Drug and Narcotics Lawyer

In Bethesda, drug and narcotics arrests are far less common than in other parts of Maryland, so the State is often tough on those who are facing these charges in this area. At Houlon Berman, we have over 50 years of experience representing clients in criminal matters all over the State of Maryland and D.C. We take pride in the results we fight for on behalf of our clients and can assist you in any criminal case, regardless of the charges, due to our experienced and dedicated attorneys. Our approach starts with comprehensive investigation of the facts of your case in full consideration of the elements of the offense with an eye toward obtaining the best possible results for you.

In every Bethesda narcotics case, the prosecution bears the burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. The burden of proof is always on the prosecution and never the client, plus the jury’s verdict must be unanimous.

If you or someone you know is facing drug or drug-related felony or misdemeanor charges in Bethesda, you need representation. The unfortunate consequence of the war on drugs is that many people receive sentences that are drastically disproportionate to the crimes committed. The State also often seeks to forfeit assets seized from you when you are arrested in a drug case, such as your car, money, or real property. At Houlon Berman, we are well-known specialists in Asset Forfeiture law.

Possession of a controlled substance in Maryland can have varying consequences depending on your age, gender, criminal record, location, and the amount of the substance in question. There are dozens of ways that your civil liberties can be put at risk in the case of drug charges, so the best thing you can do is obtain a knowledgeable Maryland drug defense lawyer for your case.

Often these cases involve illegal searches and seizures in violation of the 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution. We are experts in 4th Amendment law. Here are samples of some arguments we have made in the past: D.C. AppealMaryland Appeal.

In order to prove the offense of Distribution of a Controlled Dangerous Substance, the State must prove the following elements of the offense:

(1)   that the defendant sold, exchanged, transferred, or gave away a controlled dangerous substance;

(2)   that the substance was in fact the controlled dangerous substance the State alleged that it was.

In Bethesda, many narcotics cases go to trial, while others reach a resolution in lieu of trial. At Houlon Berman, we take each and every Bethesda narcotics case one by one with an eye toward achieving the best possible result for our clients. Our criminal defense attorneys at Houlon Berman have broad experience representing clients successfully in narcotics cases in Bethesda. Our success derives from our years of expertise, uncompromising commitment to our clients, and hard work. Our clients receive a robust and aggressive defense in each and every case.

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