Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

A Seasoned Civil Litigation Law Firm in Maryland

A major part of government is its ability to enact and enforce legislation into law. As citizens interact with one another, conflict is sure to arise despite their best efforts to uphold the law. These conflicts may require hiring a civil litigation law firm.

Houlon Berman has been successfully serving citizens of Rockville, Greenbelt, Potomac, Bethesda, and the surrounding Maryland area for more than four decades. If you’re having trouble with a burdensome lawsuit, then let our experienced civil litigation attorneys help you.

The following are the basic types of civil litigation you may face in Maryland, and how our attorneys can help.


A tort action is a type of lawsuit against someone deemed responsible for a mishap. These are rarely intentional crimes but usually acts of ignorance or irresponsibility.

For example, an injured person may file a tort action lawsuit against a driver that struck them, causing their injuries, after speeding though a red light. In many cases, these relate to insurance payouts and coverage but on other occasions, the individual or entity may be expected to put forth funds as well. A tort action can also be brought up in cases of defective products or packaging and dangerous conditions at a specific property.

Contract Violation

In the event of a violation of an agreement, breach of contract lawsuits can be brought to court to recover lost assets or other damages as a result of failure to deliver goods or services. These lawsuits can be employed by both a contractor who has not been paid for their work or by a client who paid for services and the business failed to deliver what was contracted.

Oftentimes, the settlement in these situations is less than expected but a significant portion of what was lost can be obtained. Furthermore, it is the civic duty of citizens to demand trust and loyalty from their fellow countrymen.

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Family Law

For issues of kin, family action lawsuits can be brought to settle related matters. These court cases can be some of the most difficult because of the emotions they invoke.

Unfortunately, a rising trend in today’s world is divorce and hiring a good civil litigation law firm is an important measure to protect assets and get what is deserved. Family action cases are also used when child custody or child support becomes unmanageable without legal intervention.

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Private Nuisance

A private nuisance lawsuit is useful against the proverbial dog that barks through the neighbor’s fence long into the night. These court cases are less direct and obvious than the others referenced herein but are equally necessary for the upkeep of society.

Rarely applicable to a commercial setting, private nuisance lawsuits are a way to communicate requests to others with the backing of genuine authority but should not replace actual attempts to resolve conflicts between neighbors prior to seeking help from the judicial system.

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Our country is made convenient and comfortable in part by cohesive rules and regulations. Hiring a civil litigation law firm to navigate through the rules of court proceedings often makes for a better outcome for all involved parties.

Houlon Berman has been in business for over four decades and has enjoyed extensive success in civil litigation matters. Contact us today and we will help you obtain the results you deserve.

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