College Park DUI Lawyer

College Park DUI Lawyer

College Park, home to the University of Maryland, is known for its heavily populated sporting events and bars. Prince George’s County and University of Maryland police officers are well aware, and are on the lookout for impaired driving, leading to many DUI and DWI arrests. At Houlon, Berman, Finci & Levenstein, LLC, our attorneys are extremely familiar with DUI and DWI charges in College Park and are equipped with tactics and skills to help you avoid DUI and DWI penalties.

At Houlon Berman, we are extensively experienced with fighting DUI and DWI charges. Our lawyers approach every case and client with a unique strategy to provide the best defense possible.

In order to prove the offense of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Driving While Impaired by Alcohol, the State must prove the following elements of the offense:

(1)   that the defendant drove a vehicle; and

(2)  that, at the time, the defendant was either under the influence of alcohol or impaired by alcohol.

With one of our two offices conveniently located in Greenbelt, just a short drive from College Park, our DUI attorneys are ready and able to help those facing DUI and DWI charges in College Park, among many other areas.

If you need legal assistance to avoid being convicted of a DUI or DWI in Maryland, the lawyers at Houlon Berman are here to help. Schedule your free consultation today.

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