If I am charged with a serious traffic offense (incarcerable), how can a lawyer help me?

Serious traffic offenses include Driving Under the Influence or Impaired, Driving Without a License, Driving While Revoked or Suspended, Driving Without Insurance, Fleeing and Alluding, Leaving the Scene of an Accident and others. The maximum penalty for all of these charges include the possibility of incarceration. If convicted of the offense, you will also receive 8 – 12 points and face the possibility of suspension or revocation imposed upon you by the Motor Vehicle Administration at a later hearing.

Your charges will be presented to the court by an Assistant State’s Attorney. Prior to court, we will obtain copies of all police and/or accident reports, witness statements, test results, your driving record and we will conduct our own investigation. A traffic lawyer will subpoena witnesses, complete any legal research and be fully prepared to cross examine witnesses and argue your case. The best way to protect your privilege to drive, to avoid jail and large fines and to keep your insurance rates from skyrocketing, is to aggressively defend your case in court with the help of an experienced criminal lawyer.

We offer free initial consultations at which we can evaluate your case and give you our professional opinion.