What is a Peace Order?

A “Peace Order” is a form of relief available from the Court when a person has problems with another individual, such as someone the person is dating, a neighbor or a stranger. If a person is eligible to file for a “Protective Order” against domestic violence, he or she is not eligible to file for a Peace Order.

In Maryland, a person eligible for a Peace Order must prove one of the following acts occurred within the last 30 days: an act that causes serious bodily harm, an act that places the person in fear of imminent bodily harm, assault in any degree, rape or sexual offense, false imprisonment, harassment, stalking, trespassing or malicious destruction of property. One must also show that the act is likely to happen again.

Under a Peace Order, the Judge may order an individual to refrain from threatening or committing an act, end all contact, stay away from the victim’s home, place of employment or school. The Judge may also order the parties to participate in joint or individual counseling and/or joint mediation. Peace Orders may be issued for up to 6 months.