What are factors for a monetary award?

Before granting a monetary award to one spouse, the Maryland Court must consider: 1) each party’s monetary and non-monetary contributions to the family’s well-being; 2) the value of all marital and non-marital property; 3) each party’s economic circumstances; 4) the circumstances contributing to the parties’ estrangement; 5) the length of marriage; 6) each party’s age; 7) each party’s physical and mental condition; 8) how and when marital property was acquired and each party’s effort to acquire the property; 9) either party’s non-marital contribution to tenants by the entirety real property; 10) any award of alimony or use and possession of the family home or property; and 11) any other factor necessary to make a fair and equitable monetary award.

No one factor is considered paramount. Rather, the totality of the circumstances determines whether a monetary award is appropriate.