What happens if child support is not paid?

In Maryland, if child support is not paid, one can seek to establish or enforce the obligation by filing an action in the Circuit Court or with the Maryland Child Support Enforcement Agency – www.dhr.sailorsite.net/csea.

Once a child support Order is entered, the recipient parent is entitled to receive child support by Earnings Withholding Order (an order directing the obligor’s employer to deduct child support from the obligor’s earnings).

Support orders may also be enforced across state lines under the Maryland Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA). This Act allows the recipient parent to file for child support in Maryland and collect support from a non-resident obligor.

When child support arrearages accumulate, the Maryland Child Support Enforcement Agency has certain administrative remedies to collect arrearages, including notifying authorities to intercept the obligor’s tax refund or suspend the obligor’s driver’s license or U.S. passport.

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