What will happen if I have to be sentenced?

It is never pleasant to think about the possibility that there will be a sentencing hearing in your case. However, if you wait until the last moment to get ready for that possibility, you will be way too late to make the kind of presentation you will want to make to ensure the most lenient possible sentence.

Sentencing is your chance to put your best foot forward. It is your chance to tell the story of how you got into the situation. It is a chance to show the judge that you have taken things seriously, that you are remorseful, that you have taken steps to deal with personal problems which led to your case. The only way to be able to do these things in an effective way is to start getting ready for the possibility that you will face sentencing at the very beginning. At Houlon Berman, we know how to make you look as good as possible at sentencing. At your first meeting with us, we talk to you about things you should be doing to make yourself look good should you have to face sentencing. We make recommendations and begin planning immediately. Preparation is everything.