What will happen if I have to go on trial?

When you have to go to trial, nothing is more important then having a lawyer next to you who is experienced, well prepared and confident. Trials are understandably stressful events for the accused. Much can be at stake.

Prior to trial, you should have met with your lawyer long enough to be comfortable that you are both ready to go. The theory of defense should have been discussed. The evidence should have been fully analyzed and organized. You should have made at least a preliminary decision as to whether you intend to testify on your own behalf at trial or remain silent. At Houlon Berman we make sure things are under control and well prepared before starting a trial.

During a trial, everything that happens in the courtroom matters. The jury is always observing what is going on around them. They come into the courtroom knowing nothing about the case and see and feel everything happening. Having the confidence and experience to use this knowledge in your favor often makes the difference.