Automobile Successfully Recovered in Drug Forfeiture Case

A Houlon Berman clients Cadillac Escalade was seized after a large quantity of drugs was found inside the vehicle as a result of an investigation. Detectives seized the vehicle for forfeiture and Montgomery County filed a Petition for Forfeiture of Motor Vehicle. Houlon Berman was retained to fight the forfeiture case and recover the vehicle. A motion was filed, argued and granted by a Circuit Court Judge allowing a $1,300.00 bond to be posted for the vehicle. The bond was posted, the vehicle was returned and one week later, the County agreed to accept the $1,300.00 in full settlement of the forfeiture case. This amount was much less then the anticipated expense of fighting for the return of the vehicle at trial and resulted in the recovery of a customized vehicle and wheels worth far more then the settlement amount.