Houlon Berman Client Found Not Guilty of Felony Charges Related to Possession and Distribution of Over 130 Grams of Cocaine

Houlon Berman’s client was charged with Distribution and Possession with Intent to Distribute a large quantity of cocaine found in her vehicle.

The client drove two other Defendants to a meeting with a prospective drug purchaser who turned out to be an undercover narcotics officer, but claimed no knowledge of the planned drug deal.  Evidence showed that one of the other passengers had in fact made the arrangements for the deal directly with the officer after being introduced to him by an informant.  The undercover officer testified that he came into the back seat of the vehicle to conduct the drug deal, the price was discussed and the client handed the co-defendant the drugs to be sold.

The trial lasted three days and the jury deliberated an additional two and a half days before returning its verdict of not guilty on the felonies, but finding the client responsible for misdemeanor possession of cocaine.

Sentencing went forward immediately thereafter and the client received one year of Probation Before Judgment and sixty hours of community service.