Houlon Berman Client Acquitted By D.C. Jury Of Felony Drug Charges After 5-Day Trial

Houlon Berman’s client was indicted, along with two co-defendants, for her alleged role in the attempted sale of three ounces of cocaine to an undercover police officer.

The Government claimed at trial that the client had driven the seller to the drug deal, that the negotiations took place in her vehicle while she listened, and that she handed the drugs to the seller/co-defendant in the presence of the undercover officer.

The client, who testified on her own behalf, asserted that she had no advanced knowledge that a drug deal was taking place, no knowledge that the package she handed back contained drugs and no intention to participate in a drug deal.  The evidence showed that all negotiations and dealings were between one of the co-defendants and the undercover officer.

After three days of deliberation, the jury acquitted Houlon Berman’s client of all charges except for a minor misdemeanor.  She was given 60 hours of community service and a probation before judgment disposition.