Divorce Cases

Divorce Cases

Understand Your Rights in Divorce or Separation

Are you looking for an experienced lawyer to give you the best divorce advice? Do you need a personal consultation with an experienced attorney to make sure you understand your rights?

Whether you’re involved in a traditional or common law marriage, we can help. For decades we have provided hundreds of people in Maryland with straight answers about the divorce process.


Divorce is when one or both spouses want a termination of the marriage and the court needs to help resolve issues of property division, spousal support, pets or parenting. One spouse files a complaint for divorce against the other.  This is usually a longer and more adversarial process than dissolution.


When the parties want to terminate the marriage and have agreed on support, parenting or the division of property, dissolution may be the best option.  With dissolution, the parties and their lawyers collaborate to work out any differences before filing documents with the court. If all matters cannot be resolved, the issues in dispute can be submitted to the court in a divorce proceeding.

Legal Separation

For some people the best answer is a legal separation.  In Maryland, this is called a Limited Divorce, as opposed to Absolute Divorce, when the marriage is dissolved.  One reason to file for separation rather than divorce is that the parties have not yet met Maryland’s residency requirement for filing a divorce.   Another reason for a legal separation is when there is a need to protect one spouse’ s benefits such as health insurance, military benefits, etc.  There are other situations where a legal separation is the best option as well.

Fees and Costs

Clearly every divorce or separation is different.  We consult with our clients to determine the best options for them.  At this consultation we will discuss our fee.  We want to help our clients through the challenge of divorce or separation by giving them the legal options that make sense and a clear explanation of costs.

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In addition to decades of experience, we have several convenient locations.  Whether you live or work in Greenbelt, Rockville, Bethesda, Potomac, Silver Spring, Annapolis, Columbia, Towson or somewhere in between, our lawyers are nearby and ready to help.

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