Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation: Reaching an Amicable Divorce in Maryland

Divorce is hard for all parties involved… but it does not have to be ugly. Despite the stereotype given by television and movies, drama is not a requirement. You don’t even have to go to court. Divorce mediation is a way to reach an amicable divorce settlement, and often at a lower cost than hearings or a trial.

The family law attorneys at Houlon Berman are experienced in complex divorce cases and certified in mediation and collaborative law. If you would like assistance with an amicable divorce in Maryland, call Houlon Berman and let us help you through the mediation process.

Our attorneys can walk you through the following aspects of divorce mediation in Maryland, and answer any questions you may have.

What is Divorce Mediation?

A common method for negotiating divorce settlements, divorce mediation starts with you and your spouse hiring a neutral third party to act as a mediator. That mediator will help the two of you talk through the challenges and issues relating to the division of assets, support, and custody, bringing you to a mutually agreed upon final decision.

Critically, the mediator is not like a judge. He or she will not say “This is how it’s going to be.” Instead, they will facilitate discussions between you and your spouse so that you can come to a decision together.

How Does Divorce Mediation in Maryland Work?

Divorce mediation usually starts with each party meeting the mediator individually to provide background information about the marriage, any family involved and the obstacles that lay before you.

From there, most divorce mediations move to in-person meetings with the mediator, both spouses and potentially their attorneys, all in the same room. Mediation processes vary slightly from case to case, so it is also possible that the mediator will want you to explain your viewpoint to him/her in private. This will help them have meaningful conversations with your spouse as part of the mediation process.

Ultimately, the mediator’s job is to keep you on track and keep lines of communication open. Often, the mediator will help you work out the easier issues first before moving on to the tougher ones. When all the issues are resolved, the mediator or an attorney will write an agreement, which becomes part of the divorce judgment.

Is Divorce Mediation Right for You?

Divorce mediation is most successful if you approach it with a willingness to listen and to compromise. If you are “in it to win it,” or if you simply cannot stand being in the same room with your spouse, mediation may not be for you.

Of Particular Importance: If you have had domestic violence or substance abuse issues in your marriage, you might find it better to have your attorneys do the talking for you. Consider carefully whether mediation is right for you and what the process should look like for you to be most comfortable.

For many couples, however, mediation is a lower-stress, lower-cost way of reaching an amicable divorce. A full-blown divorce trial can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Divorce mediation is much less costly, both financially and emotionally.

Legally, an attorney is not required for the mediation process itself. As a practical matter, the process works better with an attorney’s advice. If you are interested in divorce mediation in Maryland and you want to learn more about amicable divorce through mediation, let our attorneys help.

If you need to speak with a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer for family law, contact Houlon Berman today.

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