Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce

Get a Clean Break with Our Collaborative Divorce Attorneys in Maryland

The divorce process can be emotionally and financially challenging, as re-defining your relationship status is a life-changing event. This is why more and more couples are speaking with a collaborative divorce attorney in Maryland to help them move forward with their lives.

Here at Houlon Berman, we have lawyers well-versed in mediation and all aspects of divorce law; including collaborative divorce. We can answer any questions you have about the making a divorce a collaborative process, and why retaining a collaborative divorce lawyer in Maryland is a more efficient and direct approach than dragging the case through the court system.

Our firm is happy to work with clients who want to focus on solving problems to make the divorce process run smoothly. That way you may be able to avoid the draining and time-consuming procedure of letting a judge determine grounds for divorce, alimony, spousal support, child custody, and more.

If you have any questions about how a collaborative divorce attorney in Maryland differs from a traditional divorce lawyer, and how we can help you, contact our team today.

Collaborative Divorce is Efficient

While divorce is never fun, it does not have to be laden with tense exchanges and interminable court dates. You can take a far less adversarial approach by working with a collaborative divorce attorney in Maryland; who can minimize court dates and expedite financial obligations. You will not go through the collaborative divorce process alone in any way and you will be provided with legal services to support all aspects involved in dissolving a marriage.

Attorneys experienced in family law and licensed to practice collaborative divorce will help you through what would otherwise be a trying – and expensive – time. The collaborative divorce process tends to include fewer court dates, much less money spent by either side, an amicable settling of debts and more privacy. This contributes to a more pleasant experience for everyone involved.

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

In addition to the increased efficiency and reduced overall cost a collaborative divorce, there are other direct benefits when compared to conventional divorce:

  • Respect as a Guiding Principle
    The concept of a collaborative divorce first arose almost twenty years ago by a group of lawyers who wanted to get rid of the anger and resentment that plagues so many common law divorces. Requiring legal certification, a collaborative divorce attorney in Maryland is trained to focus on cooperation, respect and amicable settlement where possible.
  • Family Law and Child Custody
    Your collaborative divorce attorney treats divorce as an ending and a beginning. If you have children from the marriage, this means that settling the status of these children is a top priority in the proceedings, because they are your future. Our collaborative divorce attorneys in Maryland are well-versed in finding out what you truly want for your family and will help you achieve that in the best way possible.
  • Freedom from Financial Pressures
    The resolute goal of settlement is at the heart of the collaborative divorce process. This ensures that future litigation will be minimized, if not eliminated, because the process concentrates on ascertaining and serving the needs of your family, both now and in the future, beyond what a court has the power to do. Final decisions are entirely up to you, but you’ll be armed with the experienced advice we provide. As a result of this efficiency, the overwhelming majority of collaborative divorces can cost less than one-third of conventional divorces.

Requirements for Making it Work

The fact that you’re investigating the possibility of working with a collaborative divorce attorney in Maryland strongly suggests you are committed to starting a future with as little baggage as possible. Resolution and settlement are your top concerns, extending to the inevitable issues of spousal support, alimony, child custody if applicable, and visitation. Thanks to the mediation aspect of collaborative divorce, you will be happy with where these issues stand before the divorce is finalized.

The healing process is essential to moving forward. Collaborative divorce makes sure you don’t add to the pain with the possibility of nasty divorce proceedings dragged out over months, where neither side gets what they want, or only one side does.  Parents who choose a collaborative divorce are most likely to have a civil co-parenting relationship, which is important to establishing healthy family relationships.

Contact Houlon Berman Today

Get help with the decision-making process today by calling a top collaborative divorce attorney in Maryland to have all of your questions answered.

With over twenty years of experience in family law, and licensed Maryland professionals in collaborative family law specifically, the attorneys at Houlon Berman are committed to reaching an amicable agreement on your behalf. Let our collaborative divorce lawyers help you face the future with peace and a sense of resolution.

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