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Absolute Divorce Law Effective October 1, 2023

Currently, Maryland has two types of divorce: limited divorce and absolute divorce; however, limited divorce, which does not terminate a marriage, will no longer be available in Maryland starting October 1, 2023 , and absolute divorce will become the only type of...

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Can a Felony be Expunged? Under What Circumstances?

Whether applying for schools, jobs, or housing or even when requesting government services, having a felony on your record can prevent you and your family from seizing valuable opportunities. Through the process of expungement, however, you may be able to remove these...

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What Happens When You Get Arrested

So, hypothetically speaking here, you find yourself out late at night and you get into a little bit of trouble. The police show up and you are placed under arrest. You might wonder what’s going to happen to you after you’ve been cuffed and put into the squad car. You...

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Summer Intern Diaries- Lawyer’s Intuition

Hi again everyone!  This week’s blog is about the old adage “practice makes perfect” and how I’ve come to learn during my internship how it applies to the practice of law.  While I do expect to learn many of the skills of lawyering, such as legal research, writing and...

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Summer Intern Diaries-Working at Houlon Berman: Day One

My name is Adam Firestone and I am going to be blogging about my experience as a summer intern for Houlon Berman. I am a rising college Senior at the University of Georgia (GO DAWGS!) majoring in Political Science and minoring in History and SEC Football. I am also...

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When Silence Can Be Used Against You

We've heard it time and again, "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say may be used against you in a court of law..." This iteration of the Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination has become a part of our cultural lexicon. Those words have...

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